About Us

How We Started


Tartan Farms Inc. (incorporated 1990) began as a kennel breeding, training and showing our Shetland Sheepdogs. Later we branched out into all breed dog boarding, grooming and horse boarding.  We still have our Shelties, but our Dexter herd now numbers 70.  We are also members of TSCRA (Texas Southwestern Cattle Raisers Assn.)

Our Dexter involvement began with a visit to Block Creek Ranch in Comfort, TX. at that time owned and managed by Dr. Mickey Bush and her partner Mr. Chris Odom. Both had a background in cattle and we wanted to pursue and purchase the best available. For the complete history of this breed of cattle see the ADCA website at www.dextercattle.org.

Originally from Ireland, this breed of cattle were utilized for meat and milk. As a breed with a dual purpose, it was important to try and find cattle that would meet this criteria. At the time we began with Dexters, the program available from the American Dexter Cattle Assn. was called classification whereby a licensed cattle judge would come to our ranch and judge our animals to the then Dexter standard. The standard at that time was a numerical score up to 100. We purchased our stock from selected animals that scored 96 and 97.  

Routinely Tested - DNA, A2 Milk and Igenity Beef profile


At this time testing was just beginning on the dwarf gene possessed by some cattle. 

Chondrodysplasia testing is now available as is the test for PHA a lung problem. Our herd has been tested free of both and we test as well for A2 milk and cheese production.


Presently we DNA test our entire herd for residual feed intake, average daily gain and most important tenderness and marbling of our animals.   This is in addition to our personal standard for health, and body type.  Currently we have three bulls that Igenity DNA test 4 Stars (including for  tenderness with marbling).   Tenderness has been validated: see NBCEC.Org/History. Four leading  Universities have validated.                   

Dexters are a lean breed and will not have the excessive fat layer of some of the other breeds and we feel this is the best high protein and heart healthy meat. 

Grass Raised and Finished or grain finished if you prefer.


Our cattle are grass raised (or grain raised if you prefer) and finished, and we have cows, calves and steers available. 

Longevity in production is also important to us and we have cows in their teens continuing to produce excellent calves.  We currently have 13 yr. olds!

Our adventure with Dexters began in 2005.  We relocated to east Texas for more room for our cattle. Our previous experience was with the larger breeds but we enjoy our more moderate size, gentle cattle.


For more information about the cattle we have available contact us. Since we have a large herd, we appreciate appointments. Call at 281-239-9773  Leave a message if no answer - we are out with the cattle!