For Sale

Please Check Back Later


We are currently working on getting images of the cows that we have for sale put on this page. Please check this page often for new additions.   We also will have updates in our other pages ....

TF Ziva now has been Sold


Ziva was a family favorite.  We will replace her photo with another soon.  Ziva has the body type that we strive for. 

We will have cow/calf pairs available in the fall.  We have bred cows available for a 2 in 1 purchase. 

We currently have preconditioned calves, both bull and heifers available.  Polled or dehorned, weaned and vet checked.  Older calves to long yearlings. 

Daisy May yearling Heifer has also been sold

Daisy May yearling helfer

This heifer, G5 (parentage guaranteed) A1/A2 milk, chondro and PHA free, dehorned, all medical + bangs vaccinated.  We have others like her.

I am working on better photographs, hard to get when you show up at the pasture fence and they all come running to see if there is any food to be had!

"Farm to Fork"